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“…weather buff since childhood, now sailor, mountaineer and traveller. Next to navigation, accurate weather forecasts are an ABSOLUTE must for a sailor; planning an outing to the mountains, same again; and, from time to time, I just want to know whether or not to take an umbrella to town. You have "saved" me from a major storm last autumn around Korfu, have provided accurate skiing weather during all of 2004/05, helped me plan a day's outing to the Alpstein massif and I look forward to relying on you again for 05/06 snow and weather forecasts and in May and September again on the water. The forecast is excellent, narrower in its margin for error than any other I know. Keep up the good work.
Martin Kleiner
I am a pleasure boater, and use the site for planning my offshore fishing trips, and days out. Weather plays an important role in my planning, and whilst not over cautious I am keen to get as accurate forecast as possible. proves easy to use, and is always accurate.
I have written to you before to compliment you on being the best weather forecast site available. Keep up the good work
Phil Fouracre
Amateur yachtsman living on the Isle of Wight, I sail every week and travel on ferries most days I also fly from time to time. The best site on the web for my local weather needsThe forecast is much more accurate than the met office forecast that is available to the public. You have to go to the USAF sites and interpret the charts yourself to get a comparable information.
Chris Martin
As Master of an Irish Sea ferry, I find your excellent service far superior to the locally prepared commercial forecasts we are provided with. I shall be encouraging my company to sign up to your service when it switches to a commercial footing.
Kevin Doyle
Retired Master Mariner and former lecturer in Marine Studies at Lews Castle College, Stornoway, Scotland, and where I am currently helping out with a new course and lecturing Meteorology and Navigation. This site is excellent and students are encouraged to use weather data from this site as part of their training. Your forecasting has also been proven as most accurate. Keep up the good work.
Capt. C. MacLean
Excellent. I find it much more accurate than the National forecast where Shetland does not seem to matter taken on a National scale.
C. James Nicolson. Ships master
we are an RNLI Lifeboat Station at Red Bay, Co Antrim, Ireland. You provide an excellent facility that we use at every available opportunity I could watch the animated displays constantly ......
Joseph Ferris
Lifeboat Operations Manager, RNLI Red Bay Station, Cushendall
Leisure sailor looking for accurate predictions of wind speed and direction up to about 24 hours in advance. It remains by far the best web resource for the information I need. Consistently the most accurate forecast available to me with the information I want for the areas I'm interested in. Many thanks for a great service.
Ian Malcom
Having just seen your site at I am very impressed. 31 Years a worldwide airline pilot and I've never seen such an instant, quickand easily read system.
Steve Hunt
You have no idea how much my friends and I in Scotland missed you. As paraglider pilots, we rely almost entirely on your web site when planning our days out. For a while there, we couldn't find you, and you would not believe how pleased we are that you are back. Indeed, word spread like wildfire. Thanks for a wonderful, outstanding site.
Drew McAdam
As a professional user at nuclear power station Ringhals. We need a sea water temperature prognosis. The Swedish SMHI do not have this prognosis. DMI has a 24 hour prognosis, but our needs is longer. For safety reasons we have to shut down all four units at sea water above 25C. It can, under some conditions be 50% of Sweden's electric generation... I usually use for prognoses for the next 4-8 hours... Very good. And thanking you for the best site in my opinion.
Jan Samgard
For deciding golfing or not it's absolute accurate and therefore perfect. Thank you for existing.
Kees van de Griendt
Private Pilot... Flight planning... Have not found any better
Fredrik Fostvedt
I use for general weather info, in my neck of the woods (Gothenburg, Sweden), for planning my everyday life. Whenever I'm planning outdoor activities of any kind, I just sneak a quick peek on your site. The layout is great and the use is effortless. I find your accuracy in weather forecast is really good. I hope to be able to use you site for a long time. Thank you yet again for a super nice site.
Petter Eriksson.
I'm living in Barcelona Spain and I visit your weather forecast web page frequently. I like it because of it's precision and it's detailedinformation as well as for the graphical presentation of the content. Welldone!! I think it's the best weather page on the web!!!
An excellent website, it forecast the bad weather we had last week to a 20 minute time slot. My colleagues were most impressed! All the information I need is there. Keep up the good work!
Larry Armitstead
Is absolutely fabulous. Thanks I use it all the time
Ian Valentine
Glad to see the best weather web site on the net is back, Use it a lot in my profession. I work in a yacht marina in scotland. As you could imagine keeping an eye on the weather up hear is important this time of year as it can get rather windy, we have 300 plus boats to look after
with great pleasure I wish to express my respect for the marvelous weathersite you present on Being a dutchman, a hobby sailor and therefor interested in weather, and having my parents in law living in croatia, this is really great information for me. Thank you very much,
Pim de Vos NL
I think the excellent Theyr weather site is by far the best site for accurate weather forecasting, and I use it every day... Thanks for a very good weather site
Brian Martin
For me amateur astrologue this is a very valuable site to predict where there will be clear skies. Hope it stays online forever.
Niko Deleu
I just wanted to share of my enthusiasm for your weather site, so complete and precise.
Daniel Isoir
I am very happy to have found to you. Your data are good. It are useful to me has elaborer my flight plan in montgolfiere.
It's BRILLIANT. As a technical minded fellow with great interest in outdoor life, I find the information and the way it is presented at to be top of it's class. Keep up the - not good - but brilliant work!
Staale Freyer
Stavanger University College
Your web service is really very efficient.
Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche
Your site is great for paragliding and hanggliding pilots.
Alex Heron
I am a dinghy sailor and being able to see how the wind is likely to vary in southern england during the course of the day is great! Definitely the best website.
Graham Cooper
I kitesurf in the south coast of England in the Bournemouth and Poole area and am always keen for good wind forecasts... Your site is still the best source of wind forecasting to be found on the Web... Congratulations on an excellent website.
I got the link of your weather report site from a friend of mine. As hang glider pilot I use it every day to plan my flight in Hungary. I must tell you I am satisfied very much, becausethe web page forecasting capability is very good even two days beyond. I would like to say thank you for this very useful weather forecast service.
Zsolt Berkes
Hello with you all. Your site weather is brilliant, a little complicated at the beginning, but well done, complete and according to my short experiment on your correct site! You were the only ones to envisage the storm of May 2 on Zeelande! and I had it but with the shelter thanks to you. Your simulation was correct to 100% of the western sleeve to the North Sea. The depression passed there in real time!! In the same way today, your animation sticks to reality. Would like to have a little more precision on your organization. I do not find your banner page? Yours sincerely and sportivement... I am into voileux!
Jean Mansy AV
I was given your weather site by a friend and I am very impressed. I use it for hangliding so wind strength / direction and cloud cover are crucial and your predictions seem to be excelent. Its also popular for rain prediction from my tennis playing colleauge. Thanks for the site
I skipper a small diving boat (Isle of Raasay, Skye, NW Scotland) and with the mixed weather this week noticed that the nearer one was to the event the accuracy was 100% but a 12 hour forecast could be 'a little bit out'. However your forecasts are usually uncannilly 100% accurate and everybody that I have intrduced to them say the same! - puts our own Met Office to shame! Many thanks for your splendid forecasts
William MacLeod
I work for a shipping line loading mostly in Antwerp, I discovered yr site while working a ship in Rouen (it was used by the local stevedoring Cy) a few months ago. Since then I relayed your ads to a lot of people in the shipping community. We really appreciate your information and believe that if you are looking for new developments you surely will have a lot of success in all ports were weather conditions (predictions) are of utmost importance. As you know all ships areworking outside and most cargo is rain sensitive. In the shipping community, ordering gangs and planning the work is very much under the influence of the weather and bad information can lead to huge lost. So making a site with particular attentions to ports location could make you very successful in a lot of places and I bet that for you it is just a question of program since all info are already there. Good luck and thanks again for your nice job.
Capt. Francis Stouffs
This is the first and only forecast which I have seen that is both accurate and sufficiently detailed. On behalf of myself and the other Northern Ireland windsurfers please accept our heartfelt thanks.
excellent, i cant find any weakness.I want to add that i was very disappointed when i lost your site: theyr.IS. Hopefully i found it back on .NET a couple of monthslater. Just keep going. As we say in french you are 'incontournables' when we need to understant the weather.
Andre Gautie
We are a small club (80 members in all) that enjoy our selves with remote controlled aeroplanes, helicopters, boats and cars. We use your weather forecast a lot specially before going out sailing and flying with our remote models. We find your forecast very accurate.
Símun D. Simonsen
Flying Instructor. Daily assessment of training program Very good, particularly using the longer range forecasts. Generally excellent, although occasionally conflicts with other (Met Office) sources...
R Carey
Over a period of some three months now I have found predictions of'theyr' to be extremly accurate compared to the UK Met office and now plan my flying based on your predictions. Please keep up the good work.
Alec Janaway
my boat is 21/2 hours distant from my home. Accurate Theyr forecasts make a wasted journey impossible, and enable me to plan my trip to make the best use of the prevailing forecast winds. It's easy to use, graphical information, animation. Brilliant... Highly recommended and I tell all my friends.
Upphed Niklas weather products represent an innovative step for the yachtsman to gain a much more detailed insight than previously possible into the weather conditions likely to be encountered en route. The TRANSAT is the first ocean race that has had a weather support service of the calibre provided by
TRANSAT Press release
As a windsurfer, surfer and a professional windsurf board designer, reliable weather information is veryimportant. I have been using since it is online, and I am very impressed how accurate a weatherforecast can be. We are not talking about days here, but hours. made my life easier. No more waiting on the beach for wind. Those days are finally over.
Sebastian Wenzel
Fanatic-Windsurf board designer, Portugal
I have found to be my tool of choice. The forecasts are accurate and are constantly updated as more recent information comes to hand. It provides you the ability to run animations of a day in question and filter on and off weather parameters that interest you. In my case primarily wind speed in a variety of units, but I can also phase in temperature, precipitation and cloud formations...
Tim Gulland,
Senior Design Engineer, Jordan Grand Prix
I think this site has a very big importance for us pilots in france, for two reasons, first we don't have these kind of services with the national weather forecast (Meteofrance) or you can get them but by paying expensive sums...second, because some of us fly around in europe a lot, in two clicks you have all the info on and its very usefull. It’s a great job....
The feedback in Newport from the skippers who used the system (theyr high resolution GRIB) was excellent and Franco Manzoli said it helped him to win the race. The public website was also a great help in enabling the public to follow the race and see what the competitors would be getting next
Martin Holden
on behalf of the OSTAR Race Committee 2005/07
Going to sea and fishing without your weather forecast was like driving through Glasgow with your eyes closed...
Scottish fisherman
...your forecasts are usually uncannilly 100% accurate and everybody that I have intrduced to them say the same! - puts our own Met Office toshame!
Isle of Skye Skipper