Precision weather planner
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register here for 14 day free trial about was produced by an International team of seven top industry professionals including a Geophysicist, a meteorologist, a physicist and of course specialist programmers. Some of this team have been at the forefront of the study into climate change and have headed EU environmental expeditions and research into Global warming. The lack of good weather forecast data inspired them to develop (pronounced ‘there’ i.e. an Icelandic Chinook wind).

It took three years and €1.5 million to develop this service at our Reykjavik super-computing facility.

The principal behind this part of our service was ‘high quality, high volume, low cost’. Though the quality of the data could easily sustain high cost and low volume and be kept within specific high paying industries.

We believed there was an ever increasing community in need of detailed weather forecast information presented in a easy to understand format at a very affordable price. The ease of use of the web site belies the fact that this data exceeds what many national forecast services could hope to provide.

Our service is used by professional and Olympic sailors, International sailing competition support both for competitors and fans (Transat, Ostar, British Olympic Sailing teams, Gypsy Moth IV etc), Electricity grids, Wind farms, Nuclear Power plants, Offshore research facilities, the European Space Agency Midas project, Pilots, F1 racing teams, World rally teams (BP-FORD World Rally Team), Rescue and Lifeboat organisations, Ferry companies, fishermen, paragliders, windsurfers etc etc. The professional communities have been the first to embrace this service as they can see and continually test the quality of it, this has filtered into the leisure community and we now provide nearly 600k visitors a month this unique service.

Theyr is the only service in the world that produces high resolution (.20 degree) data for all of these areas and covers 40 languages. There is 25 times more data per 1 degree grid than the normal low resolution 1 degree service and this is available on an hourly basis with a choice of 4 different fields (wind, cloud, precipitation and temperature which also includes pressure charts) and 3 upper air fields, 300hpa, 500hpa and 700hpa.

Huge amounts of raw data from around the world are continually being processed, verified and reprocessed and then run through our weather models to produce 30,000 forecast maps every 12 hours with 350 links to each page all of which are also available in GRIB format. Indeed our data is sold to other international specialist companies.

The service is continually monitored and maintained by our professional team at our Reykjavik head office.

We will soon be adding to our service a combined high resolution wave and tidal model, along with our latest high resolution models (1/12th of a degree) and the latest ESA satellite data.